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Mariyam Ahmed Shareef

Consultant, Advisory

With a diverse background and a passion for accounting and finance, Mariyam Shareef brings a unique perspective to her role as a Consultant in Advisory at CST Advisory. She recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Honors in Accounting and Finance with a specialism in Forensic Accounting, achieving top honors. Her journey into the finance sector is complemented by seven years of experience as a senior flight attendant, a role that nurtured her love for travel and refined her customer service skills.
While pursuing her degree, she gained practical experience as an Accounting and Finance intern at APU Career Center. This role solidified her interest in accounting and provided her with a solid foundation in financial management and analysis.
At CST Advisory, she is driven and motivated, constantly seeking new challenges to enhance her skills and knowledge. In her role, she specializes in providing comprehensive financial and strategic advice under the guidance of the experienced team at CST Advisory, helping businesses navigate complex financial landscapes and achieve their growth objectives

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